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Hunan Paddy Rice Research Institute
Address:Mapo Ling, Furong District of Changsha, Hunan Province

Hunan Paddy Rice Research Institute set up in 1975, is affiliated to Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It now has 7 study rooms such as high quality rice breeding, hybrid rice breeding, special rice breeding, rice seed resource, rice ecology, agricultural biotechnology, rice and products testing center; 6 economic development entities including Hunan Nongfeng Planting Corp. Ltd. and Changsha Dahe scientific research and development center. The Changsha branch of State Rice Breed Improvement Center set up in 2000, has become a major unit of breed improvement and technological innovation; the state technological innovation center of rice production regions along the Yangtze River Valley was beginning to set up from 2004. Since the establishment of the institute, it has stood at an advanced level in the field of breeding high quality rice; it is also permeated with achievements in the research area of rice cultivation, rice resources, biotechnology. The institute has won prize of scientific and technical achievements of.68 items, incubate and authorize new species of 53, promote over accumulated 10 million hectares.

Since Ninth Five-Year plan, cooperation in science and technology home and abroad of Hunan Paddy Rice Research Institute has achieved remarkable progress. In respect of international collaboration, it has established long-term cooperation relationship with Japan, Brunei and Philippines in Southeast Asia, Uruguay and Brazil in South America; it conducted fruitful co-operation with the large scale grain enterprises such as Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry, the first domestic listed company and Hubei Tianlv Yuan Rice Industry in China, the accumulated value of these cooperation exceeds 20 million yuan.

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